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  • ONLINE training is NOT sufficient and is ineffective.   
  • Qualitative training MUST include in person, customized training for each town/district. Educators/staff must be able to ask specific questions and work through how to handle examples of what they are seeing in a way that is effective. 
  •  Training must be modernized and address the online and social media elements of bullying.  What has been done in the past is NOT working. These children are facing a whole new world that we must address. 
  • In the days after Lily's suicide, someone who is part of the office staff was overheard stating that they were bullied as children and survived, and "these kids need to toughen up." This is a clear example of how out of touch many people working in schools are about the radically different world kids face today. They need to be trained, they clearly need to build their own compassion and empathy and they are likely discriminating. The person who said this is widely known by students as picking favorites, discriminating against any LGBTQIA student and creating a hostile environment in the office - thus adding to the problem of kids not feeling safe to report. 

Stand 4 Kind - offers excellent personalized training nationwide around issues of bullying, suicide prevention and campaigns for kindness - often free to schools:  

The Trevor Project:

Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network:

For information regarding colleges offering degrees in careers fighting  inequality this is an excellent resource:
College Degrees For Social Justice -
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