All donations go to continued advocacy and expansion
of information available on this website. 

We will send you a sticker for all donations. For any donation of $50 or more, we will send you a sticker and t-shirt to thank you and give you something to spread awareness and information to others.

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Together we all work to either help or hinder the process of the world coming to embrace its humanity in a new and more connected way. Thank you for your support and for being an advocate for basic human rights, kindness, and love in this world!

Read below for information on how the shirts themselves promote social responsibility.
If you donate $50 or more, please email what size t-shirt you would like and either men's or women's. Select a size larger than normal - they run small.
Please include the mailing address.
And again... Thank you !!~
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Our dollar is truly one of the most powerful and effective ways to support and encourage change. We selected a t-shirt manufacturer who prioritizes ethical practices. Check out their website for more information. ​​