Eat Sweet ~ Be Sweet

This is the motto for the donut trailer. Travelling to events and festivals in the state and surrounding area, the trailer will be a vehicle for spreading awareness and kindness.

From the product itself - delicious cronuts and gluten-free old fashioned donuts -  to the packaging, people will be reminded to spread kindness and "share the sweet". Reasons why this matters, as well as what people can do, will be printed on bags, boxes, and napkins as well as info cards raising awareness and sharing the 10 things you can do.  

Additional merchandise such as hats and shirts will also be available for sale to increase revenue and further spread the WORD!

Attending a wide variety of events will ensure that the message and information are spread far and wide.  Kindness transcends all and begins with everyone!  

Please email me if you have an event or festival you think we should attend. By February our schedule for the season will be posted so you can see where we are going. 

If we are going to be in your area, please contact us and we can plan a meeting, a presentation, consultation or training. 

Start up costs:

Trailer: $4000 - $7000

Equipment: $10,000

Packaging: $3000

Supplies/Product: $3500

Fees and licensing: $1800

cards: $2800

Merchandise: $3500

Truck bed camper - to save $ on hotels: $7000

Total Need: $38,600

Awesome little beauties - but more expensive

This is more realistic

All profits after overhead, program implementation,  and advocacy, will be donated to non-profit groups doing similar work within my state. Such as:
Local GSA groups
Stand 4 Kind