The Trevor Project:


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

Other helpful sites --

Rutgers University:

New York State Dept of  Health: 
VPN MEntor - The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting your child on the Internet:

For Drug and Alcohol abuse and being LGBTQIA:



NAMI Utah:

Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition: 

Equality Utah:  https: 

Mama Dragons:
You    *If your child is suicidal - get  help immediately!*

 If you are unsure what to do, call for help:

 - Trevor Project hotline: 866-488-7386

 - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

 OR go to the Emergency Room!

 If you are an LGBTQIA youth and thinking about suicide -- this link connects you with a  phone number or a live chat with people who are trained and who understand:    now/

 When Times are dark and you feel no end to it - PLEASE!!! PLEASE!! PLease remember

You are important!
You are valued!
You are LOVED!!! 

~~ Please call for help!! 

The Trevor Project website offers valuable   resources and information.

More Coming soon - links for:

  • Screen Reduction Time - articles and resources for this critical place you can do something. 
  • Protecting your children  - filters, predators and the dark web
  • Modeling Kindness - the importance of what you teach
  • Resources for self-harming and suicidal youth and their parents
  • Helpful book lists and websites links for parents and youth
  • Blog and podcasts of my journey to find that place where basic human rights are respected and the well-being of ALL children and adults is important and valued. I will be offering comparisons of states I visit.