To decrease the high rate of adolescent suicide, bullying, and meanness through creating safe and healthy school environments for all youth, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and their allies. All donations are used for continued advocacy, sharing resources and promoting kindness.


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Lily's story
“Lily’s death could have been prevented,”
Lily’s friends shared this months after her death.

How do I encapsulate in words, the experience of knowing Lily, and losing her? It feels impossible to accomplish through these mere characters on a white page. Nothing can show you or give you an understanding of the utter shattering of all levels of my being, nor the destruction to my life, the lives of my family, friends and community. Nothing can allow you to feel the depth of pain in my heart, nor the loudness of her absence. Nothing can truly allow you to feel or understand the unbearable, near impossible work of surviving. Nothing will bring her back...ever...but through trying to speak for her, and for many who suffer as she did, I hope to transform this pain into positive change. Lily’s life mattered, she had incredible value as a human being based on her own incredible personality, tolerance, kindness, empathy and love. I would give anything to bring her back, or to go back in time and pull her out of School and protect her… but I cannot. I can only do my best to honor her and her story, and hope that it helps others who continue to struggle and suffer daily because of the hate and cruelty so prevalent in our world
how you can help

Spread Awareness

You can help reduce adolescent suicide and bullying by spreading awareness in many ways. Begin with your personal life, by reflecting on your own behavior and beliefs, by talking to your children, friends, family, colleagues, employers, and social media. Wake people up to what is happening and the ALARMING increase in our children taking their own lives as a result.  This is a cultural problem and begins with each one of us.

As a result of my PTSD from this trauma, I am no longer fundraising to start up the donut truck. I can't be around people that much for now. All donations go to support my continued advocacy and to maintaining and updating this website as a resource for others seeking to promote change and love for ALL youth! 
Go to the What you can do Page for more information and the Resources page for critical information to address this growing problem. .


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